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There is not a lot here at the moment as we are trialing some alpha software, that I believe is going to be very exciting. Alpha software for the uninitiated is software that is still in early development and has not yet made it to the beta stage. Accordingly in line with all Alpha builds this is not a demonstration of what it can do, just simply where it is at at the moment. There is very little valid information here, and probably no consistency and we are simply testing and trialling things.

Web Design

It's hard to believe that I am starting another website. One of the reasons is that I wanted to get a feel for a new hosting provider for WordPress. Last time I went through the exercise I was shopping on price as the No1 concern. The other concern at that stage was that they had Australian servers. One of the things I have discovered is that whilst price is important an over-riding concern of many customers, people who use the web, and Google search engines is the speed of the delivery of the landing page.


Many Factors govern the speed of delivery of the landing page to the browser. One of these is the content. One of these is the behind the scenes code and nonsense. One is the speed of database query execution. One of these is the speed of the network infrastructure on the web-server (hard drives, network connections and the like), one of these is the speed of the CPU on the server, one is the capacity of the web-server to deal with the volume of traffic being thrown at it bandwidth. In other words many of the factors actually come down to the web host.


In the end you only have hearsay until you bite the bullet, open an account and check out what really happens. I have been using Crazy Domains for most of my WordPress sites, though for clients who already had sites I have used, MelbourneIT, and HostGator. MelbourneIT is clearly the most expensive of these options and clearly performed on par if not a shade under Crazy Domains and HostGator. In fact HostGator was marginally the best of the three.

Blue Host

So with some experience I started off on the search for something better and I suspect there are many better, and there are some bigger costs around as well, and numbers like $29-$99 dollars a month are certainly around. Ultimately I concluded that was not what many of my clients would want to pay, though I think there is the odd one around who would.One of the tools I was using to assess performance was developed by a WordPress plug developer and so I visited his website, and he was saying good things about BlueHost as a hosting provider, so after investigating a bit I decided to open a baby account to see what it would be like.